The 9 Best Sites for Finding Audio Loops, Samples, and Presets (2023)

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Music production is an incredibly rewarding hobby or profession, but it is also overwhelming. There are near-infinite sounds you can use that can all be manipulated with thousands of effects, paid or free.

Using loops, samples, and presets in your music production can be a great way to secure some high-quality sounds for your next audio project. If you're wondering where to find loops, samples, and presets, you'll want to head to the best websites that offer them.

1. Freesound

The 9 Best Sites for Finding Audio Loops, Samples, and Presets (1)

Freesound may not have the prettiest UI, but it serves the function it was built for. On Freesound, you can find tens of thousands of free loops and samples that you can download and add to your DAW to work with.

You can use the search bar and then advanced filters such as duration of the sound, tags, and which type of license it has. Freesound also has a Forum section that you can use to speak to the community about music production. By making an account, you can follow specific creators if you like a sound they've uploaded in the past.


The 9 Best Sites for Finding Audio Loops, Samples, and Presets (2)

SOUNDS has tens of thousands of high-quality, royalty-free sounds for you to use in your music production, broken up into either Native Instruments or Collections from professional musicians.

The UI is sleek, responsive, and friendly, making it really easy to find the sounds you want without having to struggle through a badly-designed website. There are lots of filters that make it really easy to sift through and find the specific type of sounds that you want.

The quality of the sounds you'll find on this site is great but, unfortunately, the pricing model may be a put-off. SOUNDS works on different monthly plans that award you a number of Credits to use each month. You spend Credits by claiming sounds. The two-week free trial is worth trying to see if you want to subscribe.


The 9 Best Sites for Finding Audio Loops, Samples, and Presets (3)

WAVS has a great collection of samples, loops, and packs on the site with a responsive UI that makes searching for different sounds bearable. Unfortunately, WAVS groups sounds under its own sections such as Trending and Most Popular, rather than giving you the option to use advanced search filters.

Nevertheless, there is a good amount of information given for each sound such as the BPM and often the key, meaning when you find a sound, you'll have an idea of what it will work well with.

Using some of the best free music production software for beginners and signing up to a platform like WAVS can be a great way to get your music production endeavors off to a strong start.

WAVS also allows you to upload sounds of your own to make passive income, with free licensing and no costs to uploading. WAVS has monthly and annual plans available, but you should make use of the free trial first before spending anything.


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LANDR is a powerful platform that anybody with an interest in music production should check out. You can use it to find samples, loops, and even plugins for your DAW to give you a hand with your music and ensure you're working with the best sounds from the get-go.

LANDR has an in-built beat-making tool that doesn't quite cut it compared to an actual DAW, but is good enough for playing around with samples you find on the platform and getting an idea for how you could use it.

As with a lot of sites for loops, samples, and presets, there are multiple pricing options available. LANDR seems quite reasonably priced and offers you a free trial before you need to pay for anything.

5. Looperman

The 9 Best Sites for Finding Audio Loops, Samples, and Presets (5)

Looperman is extremely popular due to its ease of use and the fact any loops, samples, and acapellas you find on the website are completely royalty-free and often of great quality. You can find brilliant sounds to put into your DAW at no cost, making it very friendly to beginner music producers working with a budget.

The filters make it easy to narrow down your search, which is helpful considering the sheer number of sounds uploaded on the website. You can also upload your own sounds on Looperman for other producers to use. Looperman is a great place to find better sounds and even network with other music producers and creators.

6. Loopcloud

The 9 Best Sites for Finding Audio Loops, Samples, and Presets (6)

Loopcloud focuses mostly on samples and plugins, but there are plenty of loops and packs you can find on the site to take to your DAW and start working with. There are simple search filters allowing you to break down different sounds in terms of Instruments, Genres, Key and BPM, and more.

Loopcloud operates on a monthly pricing model that is very similar to other sound sites such as SOUNDS and LANDR. As always, try the free trial before you subscribe to see if this is the right site for you.

In addition to using sites with samples, loops, and presets, you should also check out some of the best websites to download free VSTs and instruments to really up the quality of the sounds you're working with.

7. Loops4Producers

The 9 Best Sites for Finding Audio Loops, Samples, and Presets (7)

Loops4Producers has everything a music producer could want when searching for sounds. It has loops, samples, packs, vinyl loops, and native instrument one-shot sounds that are easy to sift through using the site's advanced search filters.

The site keeps a simpler approach than its competitors, which leads to an easier time searching for specific sounds to use in your music production. Rather than signing up for a subscription, you can simply purchase the specific sound you want.

8. Cymatics

The 9 Best Sites for Finding Audio Loops, Samples, and Presets (8)

Cymatics focuses on sample packs, presets, and plugins. Aimed at more experienced music producers, you can find tons of presets and plugins to improve your DAW workflow and make the process of producing much easier.

The site also has a Blog section where articles are published by experienced music professionals to help you learn aspects of music production. While there is a pricing model for the majority of the samples, presets, and plugins, there is also a collection of free downloads that get updated regularly.

9. Splice

The 9 Best Sites for Finding Audio Loops, Samples, and Presets (9)

Splice is extremely popular for a reason. It has the definitive collection of one-shots, loops, samples, plugins, and presets to improve your music production workflow. Splice has multiple audio file types, so it helps to know the most common audio formats and which one you should use to ensure that you're getting the most out of the sounds you find on the platform.

A cool feature of Splice is its Similar Sounds AI that you can use to find sounds similar to the one you upload and narrow down your search in a way that is relevant to the music you're creating. The platform even has a native beat maker like LANDR, allowing you to play around with the sounds you find before transferring them over to your DAW.

Splice has multiple pricing options available with a free trial you can use to try it before you pay.

Level Up Your Music Production With Loops, Samples, and Presets

You're likely aware of how overwhelming music production can be. Websites such as these help you find better sounds, plugins, and presets to improve your overall music production workflow and skills, freeing you up to focus on creating the music you want to create.

In addition to the websites covered here, there are plenty of websites to find free Creative Commons music to use in your next audio project.


Where can I get free samples and loops? ›

10 Sites To Get Free Audio Loops & Samples
  • Free Sound Org. Definitely, my favorite place when it comes to looking for samples. ...
  • FreeSound. Collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds. ...
  • Freeloops. Lots of free loops here. ...
  • Syntopia – Free Section. ...
  • Loopport. ...
  • Music Radar. ...
  • Acapellas4U. ...
  • AudioJungle.

Where can I find free audio samples? ›

Top 10 Free Audio Sample Websites
  • NASA Audio Collection.
  • Sound Packs.
  • Bedroom Producers.
  • Sample Focus.
  • Hip-Hop Makers.
  • SampleSwap.
  • MusicRader.
  • FreeSound.

What sites are similar to Loopmasters? ›'s top 5 competitors in December 2022 are:,,,, and more. According to Similarweb data of monthly visits,'s top competitor in January 2023 is with 269.6K visits.

Where do producers get their loops from? ›

There are multiple ways for EDM producers to get their sounds. The easiest way by far would be to get samples from platforms that sell music samples. An other way would be to generate sounds using oscillators and wavetables. Additionally you can manipulate existing samples and change it into an entirely new sounds.

Where can I find songs to sample? ›

the tools used to sample music.
Sample Websites
  • – shows songs that have been sampled in other works. ...
  • Splice – contains a massic library of royalty-free sounds from 100's and 1000's of packs from a variety of companies.
  • Noizz – Splice competitor.
  • – Also a Splice competitor by Native Instruments.
Feb 14, 2023

What is the best free sample website? ›

Top Sites Offering Free Samples Without Surveys
  • This site has been around since 2013 and offers baby freebies, pet freebies, beauty freebies and more.
  • Freeflys. ...
  • Free Stuff. ...
  • Free Stuff Times. ...
  • I Love Free Things. ...
  • Internet Steals and Deals. ...
  • My Free Product Samples. ...
  • PINCHme.
Jan 5, 2023

Is using sample loops cheating? ›

Utilizing samples and loops is considered cheating to some because you are not creating an original piece of music and/or that it takes fewer skills to flip a sample than create your own.

Can you get copyrighted for using loops? ›

Anyone who creates original musical material – whether that's whole songs, backing loops, or even just one-second samples for other people to use – owns the copyright for everything they make, meaning that you can't use it without permission.

Where can I search audio? ›

Shazam: A mobile app and Chrome extension where you can run an audio search by audio instead of text. Feed the app a sound and have it determine the title and more information like the artist and possibly lyrics, great for when you need to identify an unknown song.

Is Loopmaster free? ›

A £1 bandwidth charge does apply to each download to cover our costs, but the samples themselves are free, offered by the individual labels using us as a distributor.

Is Loopmasters legit? ›

Loopmasters is a legitimate and trustworthy website for buying sample packs, loops packs, song starters, and other sound kits for your music production needs. It has an expansive library of sounds where you can find almost anything you're looking for.

What is Loopademy? ›

Loopademy is a new all-in-one tool designed to manage all your audio production resources in one place. Manage your product licenses and subscriptions, import samples you already own and download new sounds -- all without leaving the app.

Where do big producers get samples? ›

The Best Sample Site Rundown
RankSiteMonthly Traffic*
1Splice5.1 Million
3Cymatics2 Million
4Looperman3.4 Million
5 more rows

Do pro producers use loops? ›

Professional music producers do use loops from time to time. However they tend to alter these loops significantly. They either manipulate the loops through a method which is sometimes referred to as “slicing and dicing”.

What are the best audio quality samples? ›

A lossless audio file format is the best format for sound quality. These include FLAC, WAV, or AIFF. These types of files are considered “hi-res” because they are better or equal to CD-quality.

How do I get an audio sample from a song? ›

Sampling music in the digital era requires little more than a personal computer, software, and access to audio files.
  1. Choose digital audio workstation (DAW) software. ...
  2. Import a music file. ...
  3. Cut out a brief excerpt of the audio file. ...
  4. Loop your sample. ...
  5. Repeat as needed.
Jun 7, 2021

What popular songs use sampling? ›

You might know these hit songs which use samples:
  • M.I.A - “Paper Planes” (samples The Clash - “Straight to Hell”)
  • The Notorious B.I.G. - “Mo Money Mo Problems” (samples Diana Ross - “I'm Coming Out”)
  • Madonna - “Hung Up” (samples ABBA - “Gimme Gimme Gimme”)
Dec 21, 2022

Are free samples really free? ›

Yes, it's fun to get free stuff in the mail. But while these programs don't technically cost you money, you will give up time to fill out all of those surveys, and review and market those products. And the personal information they ask for is a lot more valuable than a sample size of laundry detergent.

Are free samples worth it? ›

Increase sales at point of purchase

In fact, one study found that consumer product brands that included free samples had significantly higher purchase rates than those who didn't.

Is PINCHme free samples legit? ›

Yes, PINCHme is legit and has been providing free samples for a long time. However, PINCHme reviews have gotten considerably more negative in recent years since many users claim the offers are very spammy and have hidden charges or require you to pay for shipping.

Do professional producers use samples? ›

Almost every producer uses samples. However there is a difference between what kind of samples are being used. For instance, some producers use full melodic loops. Professional producers normally try to keep away from these to maintain originality.

Why you shouldn't use for in loops? ›

'For' loops are considered obsolete, hence we should avoid using them. In single threaded languages like JavaScript, the 'for' loop acts as a thread blocker, which hinders the scalability of a system. Debugging with 'for' loops can also be difficult. For example, what if there is a bug that alters a value?

Is it OK to make a song with samples? ›

If you use "samples" of other people's music in your own music, you should first obtain written permission, so as to avoid allegations of copyright infringement. This is particularly true if you intend to release your music commercially and profit from the sales.

Where can I sell my loops? ›

In this list you'll find 10 of the best sample pack companies.
  • Production Music Live. As PML we offer premium samples, MIDI packs and synth presets for various genres. ...
  • Splice. Splice is a cloud-based samples and presets distributor. ...
  • Sounds. ...
  • Loopcloud. ...
  • Loopmasters. ...
  • ADSR. ...
  • Prime Loops. ...
  • Capsun Pro Audio.

Can I make money off of Soundtrap? ›

Soundtrap loops and sounds are royalty free. However - it is not allowed to take an individual loop and share/distribute it without adding your own music to it.

Which app has the most free audio books? ›

Best Apps For Audiobooks
  1. Audible – Listening is the New Reading. ...
  2. Spotify – Free Music/Audiobooks for Everyone. ...
  3. Audiobooks – Signup for a Free Trial and Get 3 Audiobooks Free. ...
  4. Google Play Books – Home of Your Favourite eBooks and Audiobooks. ...
  5. LibriVox – Free Public Domain Audiobooks. ...
  6. Amazon Kindle Books with Audible.

How do I download free sounds? ›

To download audio clips from Freesound, do this:
  1. Select Import from Freesound from the download menu.
  2. Follow the steps within the wizard window to sign in to Freesound and then accept the Terms of Use.
  3. Within the search window, perform a search for the audio clips you are looking for by popular genres or by keyword.

Where can I get free audio plugins? ›

So, we have compiled a list of authentic websites that offer completely free VST plugins and instruments.
  • Plugins 4 Free. Plugins 4 Free has a vast range of effects and instrument plugins to offer. ...
  • Splice. ...
  • Plugin Boutique. ...
  • Bedroom Producers Blog. ...
  • Landr. ...
  • Hip Hop Makers. ...
  • Audio Plugins for Free. ...
  • Free VST Plugins.
Jan 31, 2023

What is the best sound effects website? ›

Top 10 sound effect websites in 2023
  • Free Sound.
  • FreeSFX. ...
  • Noise for Fun. ...
  • BBC SoundEffects. ...
  • SoundEffects+ ...
  • SoundBible. ...
  • 99Sounds. ...
  • AudioMicro. AudioMicro is a very useful site if you are looking for audio clippings along with sound effects. ...
Feb 24, 2023

How do I find unknown audio? ›

Popular music-identification apps such as Shazam and SoundHound are valuable tools that quickly name unknown songs as they play.

Does Google have audio search? ›

For example, if you touch the mic icon to search by voice, Google's audio recognition technologies translate what you say into words and phrases that Search looks up in an index to give you the most relevant results.

How do I find audio information? ›

You can display the details about an audio file in a couple of ways. Perhaps the simplest way is to right-click the file and select Properties from the Context menu. Windows displays the Properties dialog box for the file, with all of the details in a scrollable list.

Can I use Loopcloud without subscription? ›

From Loopcloud 7, the Loopcloud Desktop App is not available to use for non-subscribers. Purchased sounds and packs will still be available to download from Loopcloud Sounds online, however all in-app features are disabled for free users.

What is black octopus sound? ›

Black Octopus Sound is a sample pack production company specializing in sound design for electronic music, vocals, hip hop, and cinema scoring. Founded in 2011 by Toby Emerson, Black Octopus has gained momentum over the years, fueled by delivering high quality sounds that music producers love.

Is Splice the best sample library? ›

Splice is best known as a sample library. There are literally millions of samples in the database, all of which are royalty-free and can be used by anyone, anytime. Well-known musicians, producers, and sound designers often contribute sample packs to the ever-growing Splice library.

Is there anything better than Splice? ›

The difference between Splice and Loopcloud is that Loopcloud lets you download a free sample every day, and Splice doesn't. Moreover, Loopcloud charges 7.99$ at a minimum while Splice charges 9.99$, and, Loopcloud's software has a lot more features but is a bit less user-friendly.

Is Splice worth it? ›

I would say that Splice is indeed worth the money. Considering the low price and massive sample/preset library, Splice is the best value for producers looking for samples, loops, and presets. you can check out their plans at!

What is Loopcloud? ›

Loopcloud allows you to shape millions of royalty-free samples to your sound. Try Free. Over 4 million sounds. Spend less time searching and more time creating. Loopcloud's ever‑expanding catalogue is the largest and most diverse sample library in the world ‑ covering every genre you can imagine.

Can you get presets in Loopcloud? ›

Each Loopcloud account comes with a 1GB Welcome Pack containing samples and presets for Loopcloud Drum and Loopcloud Play to get you started. Add your own samples and store them in the cloud. With Loopcloud, you can access your library from anywhere.

How does Loopcloud work? ›

Loopcloud integrates seamlessly into your DAW or music software workflow. Loopcloud's export options allow you to drop sounds directly straight from the Loopcloud application onto a track in your DAW. You can even drag and drop up to 128 files into your sampler of choice, all at once.

Where can I find good drum loops? ›

The Best Websites for Drum Samples (2023)
  • Real Drum Samples - Line of Legends. Pro Drum Samples - A great collection of hard hitting sounds that will cut through the mix, used by some big names in the music industry.
  • Loopcloud. ...
  • Splice Sounds. ...
  • Toontrack Superior Drummer 3.
May 8, 2022

Where can I find vocal loops? ›

15 Sites Where You Can Find Free Vocal Samples and Loops
  • Vocal Vocal have a free samples section (linked to above). ...
  • Rapid4me. ...
  • Looperman. ...
  • Vipzone Samples. ...
  • Rob Meulman. ...
  • ...
  • The Freesound Project. ...
Feb 11, 2010

Do any producers use loops? ›

Professional music producers do use loops from time to time. However they tend to alter these loops significantly. They either manipulate the loops through a method which is sometimes referred to as “slicing and dicing”.

Who makes the best sample packs? ›

Summary: Best Sample Pack Websites for Music Producers
  • LoopMasters (and LoopCloud)
  • Splice.
  • SampleSound.
  • Ghosthack.
  • Production Music Live (PML)
  • BPM Create.
  • WA Production.
  • Producer Loops.
Jan 1, 2023

Who has the best drum samples? ›

10 Of The Best Drum Sample Packs You'll Find In 2022 [Updated...
  1. Beat Butcha - Dangerous Filth Bundle. ...
  2. Young Chop 808's. ...
  3. 808 Warfare. ...
  5. LoFi HipHop Volume 4. ...
  6. Hats Off (Hi-Hat Loops & One Shots) by Illmind. ...
  7. LO by Circle Drums] ...
  8. Dusty Crates Drum Sample Packs.
Jun 23, 2020

Where can I get free drum loops? ›

100+ Best Free Drum Loops Sample Packs You Can Download Right Now
  • Unison Starter Pack Rap Sample Pack.
  • Elite Drums Rap Sample Pack.
  • Iconic Boom Bap Rap Sample Pack.
  • Trap MIDI Collection Rap Sample Pack.
  • Trap MIDI Melody Rap Sample Pack.
  • Hip Hop & Rap MIDI Sample Pack.
  • Beatmaker Blueprint Rap Sample Pack.

Where can I get free drum samples? ›

The List: The 16 Best Free Drum Sample Libraries
  • Cymatics.FM. ...
  • RealDrumSamples. ...
  • ThatSound - Gratis Pack. ...
  • Hyperbits - Free Sample Pack Vol. ...
  • Black Octopus - Ultimate Free Sample Collection. ...
  • Splice - Zero Credit Packs. ...
  • Slate Digital - Production Expert Email List Packs. ...
  • Make Pop Music - Freebies.

How do I find the best vocal coach? ›

One of the best ways to find a vocal coach is to ask for recommendations from other singers or public speakers you know. Choir teachers in your high schools can be of great value in finding a vocal coach. Friends and neighbors may be able to give you referrals.

Is using loops as a producer cheating? ›

As long as you're making an effort to use the loop in a way that feels unique to your sound, there's nothing wrong with having them in your songs.

Do professionals use loops? ›

It's a personal and artistic choice but using samples and loops is pretty much standard-practice, especially in dance music, hip-hop, EDM and other electronic music genres. So, yes, many, if not most, top professionals use them although they may use it differently than a beginner would.

Can you get sued for using drum samples? ›

The short answer:

unfortunately, no. Drumbeats and drum patterns are not typically considered songwriting – it's not typical to copyright a drumbeat. The law makes clear that lyrics, melody, harmony, and rhythm can be copyrighted. Most often, lyrics and melody are afforded protection under the law before the other two.

How can I get a lot of free samples? ›

Top Sites Offering Free Samples Without Surveys
  1. This site has been around since 2013 and offers baby freebies, pet freebies, beauty freebies and more.
  2. Freeflys. ...
  3. Free Stuff. ...
  4. Free Stuff Times. ...
  5. I Love Free Things. ...
  6. Internet Steals and Deals. ...
  7. My Free Product Samples. ...
  8. PINCHme.
Jan 5, 2023

Is sampler a legit site? ›

Absolutely! Over the last 7+ years, Sampler has given out millions of free samples on behalf of some of the world's greatest brands. You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter where you'll see thousands of posts and tagged posts from users who've received samples from us!


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